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Marteze Harris #161543
Waupun Correctional Institution
Post Office Box 351
Waupun, Wisconsin 53963

Hello, my name is Marteze. I am a 30-year-old incarcerated male here in the state of WI. I have been incarcerated for 15 years. I see the parole board in May of this year.

I am a simple man who made some bad choices in my life. And I am man enough to accept responsibility for those choices and own those mistakes and consequences that come with them. I'm not looking for sympathy from anyone. Just a friend to share my thoughts, dreams, desires, and experiences with. Someone who won't try to look down on me or judge me for the choices I've made but accept me for the man I am today.

I would also love to meet someone who is outgoing, intelligent, kind, caring, and has a nice sense of humor. Someone not about playing games. I am an incarcerated person so I need that person who can deal with that. What I desire most is friendship, above all else!

I am very down to earth, straightforward, honest, and respectful person. I also believe that you must have a nice sense of humor to deal with all that goes on in this world. A good laugh can cure most things, and a good laugh is good for the soul. I love poetry, exercising, listening to music, and watching political talk shows. Those are just a few of my likes and dislikes, but there is much more to this man. However, in order to find out who I am, you have to be willing to take that journey to explore the possibilities.

No question is off limits! I would love to get to know you and vice versa. Trust, honesty, and respect are a must in order to build a true friendship. If there is open and honest communication between us, then we're good. I look forward to hearing from you soon.

Yours truly,

[Colored photo of author. He is squatting and looking at the camera with a stern expression. He is wearing a necklace and clear glasses.]


I would just LOVE to hear what you have actually learned, while in prison. (Other than, "How to SCAM a woman, and her young child of their time AND money for years") I'd just love to hear exactly HOW did that make you feel, every time she put $ on your books, or drove 100-something miles to visit you several times a week? Did that make you feel like more of a man? More of a man than beatin' dude? How'd you feel after she learned the truth, talked to U about it on the fone, and fell out , crying on her kitchen floor, while livin' on Haymarket, in Waukesha? Were you happy? Did U feel like U really accomplished something? You really bamboozled her, you got her, how did you feel after U thought about what your LIES may have done 2 her son, whom U called your own, even tho he WASN'T? He was heartbroken, very, very sad, Teze. She loved U so much, she had ur name TATTOOED above her heart. "Teze" what a f***ing JOKE!!! Do U even remember her? The countless afternoons, Friday evenings, spent, ALWAYS, holding hands, trying to be as close as we possibly could, in those "Visiting Rooms? Hearing the guards say, "Harris", as a kind of a reminder that we WERE getting too close, like when she'd put her leg on top of yours? Do you even remember those visits? Bc she DOES. They absolutely haunt her, like a bad dream. She "shakes it off" just, ever so desperately, trying to brush it off , and leave it in the past WHERE IT BELONGS... A LONG-FORGOTTEN bad dream, nightmare, of herlong-lost love. Y is she even giving U the privilege of more of her time, and, OF COURSE, her beautifully well-written words, ever so thought about and brought forth from her heart. Bc Her heart is mending, slowly, but, SURELY, as she quietly learns how to empty her heart of all of the negatives, only to fill those very same spaces with God. She is still here.

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