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Women of Substance!

Please allow this introduction to ease any skepticism and hopefully answer some of the questions running through your mind and revel in my true essence. I'm African-American, 40, 6', 205 lbs, brown eyes, black hair. I enjoy writing, reading, working out, traveling, sports, music, and anything of substance.

I am from Chicago, IL. I have obtained my business, business management, tax preparation, and paralegal degrees while incarcerated. I can relocate since there's so much to me. Let me just say the best description is the one you receive when you allow yourself to take more than a glimpse of the man, but the heart and nature of my soul. Do not let my current circumstances affect your decision about the person I am. Instead, allow my sincere thoughts speak to the inner voice of your soul and breathe life into your dreams and desires.

So wherever you are, close your eyes and open your mind to fully understand and see the man I am. But moreover, the woman of substance I desire is a friend. I seek a friend who is understanding, caring, honest, loving, strong, genuine, intelligent, fun, trustworthy, open-minded, dedicated, and determined. Age: unimportant.

[Two pictures of the author. The first one is in white prison garb and he is sitting cross legged in a chair. The other has him in business attire and holding a champagne glass with both hands. Both photos has him looking stoically at the camera.]

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