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Sorry, no pics allowed, description only. Imagine Ben Franklin... okay... I look nothing like him. I'm an average guy with a Finnis/Irish heredity. Yes, really! I love Guiness, snow sauna and fish.

Unlike Benny, I still have all my brown hair and beard even if it's going gray as I near 47. Medium size, fit (5'8", 160lbs) and although raised in N.Y.C. I prefer the outdoors and travel. I enjoy history, suspense, sci-fi and education which is now limited to TV, books and letters.

Sadly, these 4 years of prison (first time & last) drove my wife to divorce. Very common in prison. While most religion is crap, it is only my faith in Jesus Christ that I've had peace and freedom for 17 years. Even in war and hell. No silly, not my marriage! That was great.

Multiple combat tours from 12 years in the Marine Corps connects me to all veterans. Our wounded especially as PTSD contributed to my incarceration.

Hit te blog, or drop a line. "Out", David

William D. Linley #M08788
Graham Correctional Center
12078 Illinois Route 185
Hillsboro, Illinois 62049-3620

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