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[photo of a man wearing glasses and a long sleeved shirt. He is doing a half smile towards the camera. A woman is peeking from behind his shoulder and smiling.]

Hello, my name is Otis.

My pen-name is Brotha La Cin Achim 18:21, author of my unpublished book, "Thine Eyes Are Cross", a series of hardcore treaties, poems, short stories, critical essays on contemporary controversial subjects, religion, race, politics, philosophy, and the imaginary.

I am a 65-year-old political prisoner, wrongfully convicted/enslaved, condemned to death by long-term enslavement, a legal lynching neutralized. RIP in martyrdom, Otis Lee Rodgers. All by a fascist, racist, corrupt regime: California.

Not only am I innocent of the convicted crimes, but the crimes never even happened. It was all made up by the lying, racist prosecutor, utilizing a simpleminded illegal way to come to court, lying and committing perjury to avoid deportation. All because I am a black man who stood up in the dirty white man's courtroom and represented myself.

1.) No, I am not a racist. Ask all of my ex-white wives and mullato children. But I four-squarely opposed those white racists who lied, cheated, committed perjury to kill me. RIP Otis.

2.) Yes, I am extremely passionate, opposed, and possessed. I have only one purpose: to put my story out to the world by ANY media form. Before I can leave this world, I need to tell the world what these racists mad-dogs did to me. I was lynched, KILLED by white racists.

Otis Lee Rodgers V-02538
P.O. Box 5248
Corcoran, CA 93212

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