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Providing the blogsphere and the Internet community at large with a seasoned perspective and the sometimes precarious and intriguing existence of prisoners warehoused in the state of California. Peruse this site with an open and curious mind as I describe and bring to light this Machiavellian system. Through this unique opportunity, I am extremely fortunate to have this forum so that I may comment, discuss, rant, or rave about prison or social issues that i believe deserve discussion.

However, due to the fact that I have no direct Internet access, it is rather difficult to respond to any comments which may be posted in a timely manner. Therefore, should any visitors wish ti continue any discussions, ask questions, or seek clarification, please feel free to contact me through my snail mail address:

David Morrison
E14728 B2-208
P.O. Box 8500
Coalinga, CA 93210

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