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Name: Michael A. Quinones DOC #339406
Age: 32
Ht.: 6'3"
Wt.: 180 lbs
Zodiac: Taurus
Race: Italian-Puerto Rican
Skin tone: Golden-tan
Tattoo(s): Cross with daughters' name on right forearm
Scars: Right elbow, right palm, left shoulder
Education: 11th grade. GED
Special Skills/Job Training: Certified lube/brake tune-up technician. Carpenter's Union member
Military Experience: None
Political/Gang Affiliation: None
Religion: Christian (Protestant-Baptist)
Birthplace: Philadelphia, PA.
Lived there: 17 years
Other Places of Residence: August, GA (8 years); Charlotte, NC (1 year); Aiken, SC (1 year); Richmond, VA (6 months); Lakeland, FL (6 months)
Marital Status: Divorced (married from 4-2003~6-2009)
Children: Two daughters
Current Conviction: Felony murder
Sentence: 300 months
County: Spokane, WA
Arrest Date: October 10, 2008
Release Date: May 2033
Previous Drug(s) of Choice: Alcohol, cocaine, marijuana
Current Studies: Vocational math, Bible correspondence, history
Talents: Basketball, song and dance, cooking
Hobbies/Interests: Sports, pool (billiards), arts and crafts, chess, music, reading
Likes: Sports cars, animals, outdoors
Personality/Character: Ambitious, dedicated, trustworthy, open-minded, sense of humor, affectionate, adventurous, honest, straight-forward, tolerant, patient, kind

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