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24 January 2013


Thank you for the courtesy yo're prepared to give me. Please allow me to introduce myself.

My name is Jahson Atiba Alemu but here in Tecumseh State Prison, I am also known as #62184. I am a resident of Chicago, IL, raised on the south side. I am 56 years old, light-skinned Mulatto, 200 pounds, 5'11", born 7 October 1957. For eighteen years, I worked as an independent/subcontractor for banks and finance companies that repossessed vehicles. I also did motor club assistance in the Chicago area and surrounding counties. I enjoyed my profession; it was interesting, unique, and fun.

I came to Lincoln, NE to visit in-laws and decided to stay. I found a job in a dry cleaners, pressing 500 to 700 shirts a day. It was fun, steady work. I located an apartment in the downtown Lincoln area with a view of the capital. One day, while picking up trash and butts around the building, I was approached by the owner. I knew the landlord but I didn't know the owner. He asked me if I would like a job and I said yes. My job title was building manager. My job duties were to maintain 75 apartments in and around the Lincoln area. Summertime, I cut the grass, raked leaves, answer calls, unclogged drains and toilets, the simple things. In the winter time, I shoveled snow on sidewalks, driveways—you get my drift. In the process of these job duties, I have a newfound respect for the owners and the landlords. Tenets move and leave your property in a mess, lie about the rent so much, it will make your head spin. But again, it was a job that I liked and did well.

In closing, never in a million years did I expect to be in prison. I refused to accept the four years for a plea bargain. Yes, I gambled with my life. Why would anyone who is innocent of a crime be willing to accept a plea agreement where they freely admit that they are guilty when they are not? Boggles the mind!

While in prison, I occupy my time reading, writing, and playing chess. I became a legal aide to obtain some knowledge of the law, doing research on Lexus-Nexus for post-conviction relief.

This brief introduction has been written with the utmost respect. I am presently being held in isolation. Any mail that is received under these cold steel doors will be very much appreciated.

This is my first pen-pal blog. My first with a live personal contact. Thank you. Hope to hear from anyone. All letters are welcome and will be answered.

Jahson Atiba Alemu #62184
Tecumseh State Prison
P.O. Box 900
Tecumseh, Nebraska 68450-0900

[photo of a man standing against a white brick wall wearing a rosary and a striped beanie. He has a half-smile towards the camera.]

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