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Gary Field
DC mo5398
Century C.I.
Century, FL.
E1-03 32535

I send greetings from beautiful downtown century - a 'gated community' :-), not far from Pasadenas famous beaches! (I guess thats a matter of perspective, eh? :-)

Yellow lines and prison blues,
Doing time in re-soled shoes
(sure does make me miss the "once upon a time" of mi life. :-)

There are times when the "razor wire" feels like a leash, and the fences seem a mile high - however, the opportunity to reach out "between the bars" and participate in this program reminds me that this "sentence" is only one chapter of my life, and not the way that my story ends.

From the "inner-city" to a new england prep school - europe, Africa, and back to attend Columbia University, is not the typical path(?) to the peniteniary......

Its been quite a journey plus far(sorry i cant read that) but i still believe in happy endings. let us see where this chapter "between the bars" leads - shall we? :-)

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