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January 1. 2013


May this letter reach you in the best of health mentally, physically, and spiritually. May this letter also find you happy, or at least content. As for myself, I'm maintaining my composure to the best of my ability under my immediate circumstance. However, this journey is coming to an end. But before I continue, please allow me to introduce myself and tell you a little bit about myself.

My name is Joseph and I'm from San Francisco, California. I stand at about 5'6", I weight 165, and I have a light complex skin and brown eyes. I wear "short cut" which in so many words I am medium build and handsome. To describe my inner qualities using one word, I would say "innovator". I have a real commanding presence and I'm known to get things started. There's never a dull moment with me a necessity of life is to find the positive in every situation, or at least that's my philosophy.

The law really intrigues me. There's nothing like having a command for the law of the land and being able to use it adeptly at my disposal. To be cognizant of the law and its ins and outs is my irrepressible skill. I used to live a daring life and something my father told me always stuck with me. "Son, go to the library and get some book called the Penal Code. Pick a crime and see if the pay is worth your time. Take for instance a bank robbery. It carries 5 years and you may get $50.00. Working at McDonald's you can make $50.00 in 5 years. That's not worth it." Since then, I've put my skill to a more productive use, but hopefully you get the concept.

I enjoy oldies music a lot. I'm also a big fan of R&B. Mentally, I'm fairly intelligent... and modest. :) Some people refer to me as a "Legal Beagal" because I'm so sharp with the law. I am sweet, caring, patient, gentle, understanding, confident, easygoing, kindhearted, wise, and strong-willed.

Nevertheless, before I close, I want to say one more thing. What I don't want you to do is get the wrong impression of me and draw any premature conclusions about me. I'm currently incarcerated and like some people do, I learned that the hard way. Before you judge a book by its cover, not saying that you are but if you are, take a chance and make your decision based on me as a person. Not me and my mistake. You never know how good a book is until you actually pick it up and take the time to check it out for yourself. I'm simple: trying to meet a friend.

A very wise man once told me that life is about taking chances. "You have to chance to advance, Joseph. If you don't take no chances, you won't make no advances." So give me a try and, if you're thinking about not writing back based on the fact that I'm incarcerated, I'm asking you to turn around and see what you've turned down. Hopefully, I've piqued your curiosity and take a chance too. :)

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Tell me a bit about yourself when you do decide to write back.


[colored photo of a man leaning forward and smiling. He is wearing sunglasses.]

I would like this to be my profile page. And I
an my address were I am located at.

Joseph B. Matthews #C-32030
D-Blgd. 19-126-L
P.O. Box 4000
Vacaville, California 95696-4000

I am enclosing a photo of myself. Can you please send it back after you make a copy of it? That's the only one I have that is up to date of myself.