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My name is Edward. I'm 34 years young. I've been incarcerated for the past 10 years in the Federal Bureau of Prisons, better known as the Feds. I was sentenced to 312 months (26 years). I am currently in the Appeals Courts. I have been fighting for my freedom since the cuffs were put on my wrists.

I'm currently going to college and taking every course that the Feds have to offer. I work at the prison Law Library and I teach at night. I work with the younger prisoners, mainly the "hard heads." That's one of my goals when I get out: to work with at-risk youth. I know a lot of people profess to be an expert at it, but I've lived and breathed it. I didn't have to go to college to learn it. I have hands on experience. I've been through every jail system that a person can go through. So there is nothing, not one single thing, that has happened inside these walls that I have not personally seen. I have a MASTERS' degree in it. I must say this before I go: to have a MASTERS, you must follow all the rules.

This will be my first time blogging. This will be my first time really doing anything in this type of form. I've been locked away from the Internet. I can email and I do a lot of writing. So if you would like to write to me, here's my current address:

Edward Coleman
U.S.P. Beaumont
P.O. Box 26030
Beaumont, Texas 77720

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