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Eddie B. Neal #122084
CB 030
1000 St. Clair Rd.
Springville, Alabama 35146-5582

Date: 11-19-12

Greetings. My name is Eddie B. Neal.

I am fifty-four years old and have been in prison for thirty-four years. I am serving a sentence of life without parole after being convicted and sentenced by a jury of all whites for the murder of a white woman that occurred in 1976 in Birmingham, Alabama. I am not guilty of this crime and I continue in my efforts to seek a fair trial. A trial consisting of a jury of my peers who are representatives as including all of the people of this great state. Selecting a jury with the intention of being racially exclusive should not be considered as was done in my trial and is certainly a constitutional violation.

Manipulative and overzealous prosecutors connived with the local news media to sensationalize the case, creating a racially charged atmosphere as I am a black man and the victim was a white woman. With a jury of all whites, the lack of any evidence connecting me to the crime didn't seem to matter.

My struggle continues!

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