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Greetings and blessings:
"Shalom aleichem" (Peace be upon thee)
"All power to the people now and then"

I am Oliver AKA Minnow AKA Optimus Prime, and I am 34 years to be and of mixed parentage. Biracial, although I consider myself New Afrikan of Messianic Hebraic faith. I am a native of Dallas, Texas where I attended school, worked, started to raise children, etc. before I was incarcerated out of systematic oppressive conditions of my society. After being arrested and later convicted of misdeeds, I was then excessively sentenced to a term of 20 years for aggressive assault with a deadly weapon and 12 years for escape. I was separated from my young family and isolated.

Now, ten years have elapsed and I have did and continue to do all I can to rehabilitate myself mentally, physically, and spiritually. I am learned and knowledgeable in law, history, some business, and some psychology/parenting. I aim to be an asset to my children, family members, friends, assembly, and community as a leader and man of YAHWEH instead of a debt. I would like to mentor at-risk kids via my CIIEIIL strategy I have ideas for. YAHWEH, thy Creator and Sustatiner of the multiverse, says in his scriptures that people suffer for the lack of knowledge, and some Bibles translate it as "my people are destroyed or perished." (Hosea 4:6)

I am seeking to blog with someone or several people who are down to earth, honest, strong, objective, righteous, uplifting, positive, and loving. Their race, size, religion, political beliefs, etc. is okay and will be respected. So anyone interested, please blog at me or Jpay me so our blogship may begin. This is Optimus Prime of the resistance signing off...

In Messiah,
In Struggle,
Oliver Eshman Lister II
No. 1279183
W.J. Estelle Unit
264 FN 3478
Huntsville, TX 77320

P.S. Visit me soon at lostvault.com

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