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Clarence R. Maddox 555753
2001 East Central
Toledo, Ohio 43608

Welcome, brothers and sisters who are interested in learning about the New Afrikan (black) Liberation Movement Ancestors and Leaders. I would like to share these ancestors and leader traditions and instructions with the hope of building a revolutionary kulture that helps to free the mind from others' noneducational propaganda. We are to learn from our ancestors' and leaders' success and failures in order to improve our quality of life. We carry on the cause of freedom, justice, and equality. We are one family of royal decedent people. Freedom fighters, unite.

Love, loyalty, respect, honor, trust.
I show pride in myself and people.
I show influence to children and people around me.
I show respect to everyone, so when disrespected, go hard by any means.
I show unity by sticking together with the real.

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