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Straight out of the playpen and into the statepen

[colored photo of Donnell with puffy beard and mustache. He is looking to the right.]

My name is Donnell Drinks. I am one of thousands of America's abandoned children and, even though I was cast aside as a juvenile offender, I've been able to achieve many things. Once burdened with the limited thoughts of a child, I've transformed my daily thinking and actions into that indicative of a responsible man. By increasing my education and developing self discipline, I now possess the ability to express my opinons through my writings. The paramount benefit for me of opening myself up to being scrutinized by others is the resulting thought-provoking dialogue that I've encountered. I welcome any and all responses to my postings.

I'm originally from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. I'm the oldest (40 years) son of three boys; I'm a proud father and grandfather. I'm a very complex individual; only through getting to know me personally will one ever fully appreciate my offerings completely. I can be reached by US mail at the below address:

Mr. Donnell Drinks CC-7423
Box 1000
Houtzdale, PA 16698-1000

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