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[a funky painting of a stick man.]

Do pictures really say a thousand words?

I believe so. Please allow me to being the conversation.

First, understand, prison destroys the soul, crushes the will, and bleeds one of hope. Incarceration is death.

I have been isolated under these oppressive conditions. I was dead for many years. I searched inside and resurrected myself and unlocked the talent and gift to create. In three years, I've completed 125 pieces.

I have transcended this prison, color, myself, space, and time. Now I exist! I did this by destroying the conflicts and illusions within.

These pictures can say a thousand words because the art is an illusion, a reflection, a mirror of my thoughts.

The real truth is there is no artwork. It is not artwork that you see. It is only me.

What I offer is only for those who use their imagination.

Keith A. Fobbs #CM1917
P.O. Box 1000
Houtzdale, PA 16698-1000 USA


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