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Past these tattoos & this penitentiary pain, I remain, a son, a brother, a friend & a human being. It sometimes feels that is forgotten. But it's very true, I too have ideas, thoughts, passions, emotions, insights & yes feelings. I laugh, love, cry & like every other person I long for acceptance & friendship. I've learned over time and after my horrible experiences that prison is not a place to seek acceptance. Not very much good grows inside of cold concrete.

For almost 14 years I've been in prison, the past 5 have been in extreme isolation here at the federal supermax. I came to prison as a fresh face teen for a non-violent first time offense. Now I have a huge beard and a life sentence for murdering a man on death row. This reality is harsh - I will not hide from it, but I would enjoy allowing my mind to soar and explore beyond the walls of it. Being able to communicate with the outside world, even if it is only through letters, is above and beyond a blessing. To exchange ideas, thoughts & emotions with genuine people, this is what I seek. This freedom, this escape, over time I hope I am able to build a lasting friendship with someone, one that is built on truth, one that's genuine. So please? Write! if you'd care to exchange ideas, ask questions, anything. I'm open to answer any of your questions and discuss any topics. This can be kind of like a cognitive, responsive, journal with bad hand writing :-) Please write?

Photos of me at Sister updates page.

Ht. 6'3"
Wt. 220
Hair/eye. Brown

Jesse Wilson #99919-555
USP Florence ADMAX
U.S. Penitentiary
P.O. Box 8500
Florence, CO 81226-8500

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