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Hello, my name is Robert Eugene Kramer. I prefer to be called Bobby. In here, my fellows call me "Cosmo." I was born in Austin, Texas on April 23, 1958. I'm 5'9", weigh 165 lbs, hazel eyes, and brown hair going grey where it's not falling out. :)

If you'd like to write to me, you can use the snail mail address below or go to and use email. It's a one way email system from you to me. I have to use snail mail. I'll get what you email within 24 hours. I've been told it costs $0.44 per page and you can send pictures this way also at $0.44 per page.

All institutions of correction have rules. Some are reasonable, some I just don't get. But I have to abide by them. That said, if you wish to send me any books or magazines, they MUST come from the publisher or a bookstore. Used books are okay. If you can and desire to aid me financially, great! BUT contact me first so I can explain the process for depositing money so I can buy things at the prison store. My address is:

Rev. Robert E. Kramer #643733
8602 Peach Street
Lublock, TX 79404

[cartoon drawing of a snail is underneath the address.]

With love in Christ,
[signature; a hand drawing of a hand holding a yellow feather pen is on the last tail end of the "r".]
Rev. Robert E. Kramer

[a colorful hand drawing of purple flowers covers the bottom of the page.]

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