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Hello, my name is Dustin Kelley. I am a 28 year male. As you can tell from the photo above, I am currently incarcerated in Washington state. If you are reading this? First off, I want to tell you thank you for taking the time to read my page.

I hope that these words find you in the best of moods, health, and also in the proud possession of an open and understanding frame of mind. As for me, staying strong both mentally and physically and also staying focused on the positive path I choose to walk in a place filled with so much negativity is a challenge. It's easy to go backwards. However, I refuse to backtrack over the dark periods of my life, so I surround myself with like-minded individuals.

My number one interest is education by far. I am currently working towards my AA and, if I get another chance to be free, I plan on making the best life I can. I am also very involved in recovery groups and am currently involved in writing a recovery book aimed at people who are headed down the wrong path. My other interests are art, writing, music, working out, and giving back.

For years, I was a destroyer. I was a selfish person that took life for granted and lost my life over the game. Now I am a builder. I have grown into a man of morals and values, and I work at giving back and being the best man I can be today.

I hope you will enjoy reading my stories and blogs. I only ask one thing from you, if you would please take your freedom and life serious. If you feel like your life is headed down a bad path, then take action and get help!

Thanks again for taking the time and effort to view this. I wish you the best that life has to offer.

Dustin Kelley

A voice lost to the world
[colored photo of Dustin. He is wearing a brown shirt and pants.]
Dustin Kelley

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