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Name: Glenn K. Morgan
DOB: 8-18-84
Age: 28
Zodiac: Leo
Birthplace: Chicago IL

Reason for incarceration: Armed robbery
Release Date: July 2016

I am an intelligent, funny, outgoing, down to earth, and confident young man who's goal oriented, honest, loyal, and devoted to those I love.

My hobbies include reading, art, writing about etymology, writing about street poetry, playing basketball, and working out.
My interests are music, movies, people, and fulfilling my entrepreneurial ambitions.

With the "moon apple", I plan to give insight into the mind of prisoners. Discuss social problems and events ranging from cultural mottos to celebrity propaganda.

Hope you enjoy.

[Tiny colored photo cut out of author. He is wearing a golden necklace, glasses, and white shoes. His hands are joined together at his torso.]

Contact info:
Glenn K. Morgan #438566
P.O. Box 9900
Boscobel, WI 53805

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