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Warning for Curiosity Seekers!

Are you tired of the same old profiles and lies? Or people who are lacking honesty, sincerity, and respect?

Well, I promise to shower you with attention, affection, and appreciation! To always lend a hand—and deliver a prompt reply to all your opinions, comments, or letters that you may write. I encourage all of it! I will devote my time to you and you alone.

I'm a classy and appealing, independent, career-oriented guy. I have a playful and adventurous character that you will enjoy. I love to write letters, short stories, and poetry. Some of my interests are: concerts, NASCAR, college football, rodeos, and the great outdoors!

I believe that prison can be a stepping stone to success. I'm always looking for opportunities in life, not the obstacles.

Consider this an open invitation for pen-pals, new friendships, mentors, and meaningful relationships from all walks of life. I am a faithful man who enjoys kids and is committed to building companionships based on friendships first. Maybe if I peak at your interests, we should connect. You have nothing to lose. Inner warmth is true beauty. I want to appreciate you from the inside-out.

Before you live, be sure to check out my blog posts, my insight, and a piece of me I'm willing to share. Don't hesitate. Let's connect.

Sincerely yours,
Michael F.


[colored photo of Michael standing against a white wall. He has a mustache and is smiling straight at the camera.]

Michael Frimmel #87079
PO Box 1989
Ely, Nevada 89301

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