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Name: Dontay Davion Johnson
Age: 30
Race: Black and Creole
Release Date: 2024
Convicted for: Robbery
Last occupation: Computer tech, hacker
Searching for: Answers, friendship, a wife, long lasting communication, love, peace, forgiveness, someone unique
Born and raised: in Los Angeles, California

Who am I: I am someone who was lost but over the course of the years has found his way. I am a nerd at heart, but I display myself as what it is I appear to be. I am over-analytical and attracted to things others find little value in. I have survived my trialling life by adapting to circumstances and situations. I question everything that has more than one answer but do so quietly. I am someone who looks at life with a slanted curiosity and seem to be able to find beauty in almost everything. My personality is shared by a life of drifting and revolutionary ideas. I come from a broken home that was never repaired, just painted over.

I enjoy taking things apart to see how they work just to see how they tick. Music is my drug of choice. I like alternative rock, pop, R&B. If it sounds good and loud, I'll listen to it. I love art, theology, and the way the moon shines over the sun in the daytime. I love the sound of rain pounding on a tin roof and the bass of thunderstorms echoing off the sky. Since my childhood, my imagination has gotten me in worlds of trouble, but it is also what sets me apart from all other great minds.

I am Dontay Johnson. There is no one like me and those who mimic me did so from inspiration as I was adapting to whatever situation I was in. I've many faces, many names, no owner, and one heart. Allow me to show you the outer layers.

Address/snail mail:
Dontay Johnson #V29844
CSP, Los Angeles, D4-139
PO Box 4670
Lancaster, CA 93539

[Photo of the author. He is standing in front of a plain white wall. He is wearing a silver watch and glasses. He has his hair in what could be cornrows.]
[Colored drawing of a pair of hands reaching out with a cross. A dove shines above and a flaming bottle rests underneath. A banner sprays across saying "Eternal Love"]

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