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SOS: Message In A Bottle

Greetings and welcome. Times are hard, friends are few, it gives me pleasure to unite with you.

I welcome you and am intent to avoid hearing from anyone seeking the need for novelty. In my situation, what I do is governed by circumstance not by choice. What I believe obliges me to abandon all assumptions. The perversity of my life is endurable because I've learned in the struggle lies the joy. The struggle I speak of is the struggle of my being a work in progress. I have made some people, and made some sad, made some angry, and made some glad. And I'm not in a hurry to outlive my usefulness to contribute to leaving Earth a little better when I move on.

Let anyone who enjoys writing longhand snail mail and who my words resonate with write to me and share ideas, thoughts, and the kindness of strangers—and come to know something of each other as we feel comfortable to share. You are no stronger than I and vice versa.

I love dance skanin', disco, ballet, tango, flamenco, modern. etc. I believe dance is one of the last forms of collective free expression we are allowed that leaves us feeling good, and exhilarated, and full of life. Dance is a precious gift and we show our appreciation for the gift by dancing.

And now, because of circumstances, my fingers substitute for my legs and feet, and dance across pages and make speak to those who listen and hear. I am determined to make my way by writing. Now it's the only way for me.

Each individual's way of thinking is their reality. May anyone who "relates" to the meaning of reality of my words or the reality of the meaning of my words be found by my SOS and allow me to share their reality. Please, no fantasy response. My request is fueled by experience, of the love of power being defeated by the power of love. I learned the benefits gained by abandoning all assumptions. My challenge now is for me to reach beyond and grasp the expression of feelings and ideas supposedly incapable of expression in the written word. Striving for success with this challenge will aid me in confronting my own weaknesses.

What is fair enough? The price of the ticket.

As with any caged or incarcerated living being, my primary operative concern is to regain my liberty and to have comfort privileges that I'm allowed until I walk out. I ask anyone reading my blog to keep this in mind so they won't feel put upon when I request their help or assistance.

"Of life and living do not creep along the shore, but steer out in mid ocean by guidance of the stars."
—Author unknown

The description fits like my skin.

For enjoyment, I play and study chess. I read a lot and like to write maxims. I take pleasure in envisioning Earth that is free of hunger, diseases, war, and inequality. Not a utopia. Just commonsense.

If it pleases you, I may be contacted at:

Paul Mitchell GC21965
PO Box 2500
Vacaville, CA 95696

No one needs to write me who doesn't like their judgments or beliefs questioned. Thank you.

Realistic optimism,
Paul Mitchell

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