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My name is Paul, and I've been in prison in CA for over 18 years now, serving a mandatory minimum indeterminate sentence of 15 years to life for 2nd degree murder. Separations are, in many ways, opportunities to appreciate connections, in my humble opinion. And I've begun this forum to strengthen connections in my life going forward!

I'm wholeheartedly working towards my eventual parole while pursuing my Associates Degree on my own time and dime and doing my best to positively program! I've only ever been in minimum security prisons since day one but, wherever I go, I avail myself to whatever I can towards self-betterment. I've been an assistant caregiver for the elderly and the developmentally disabled for the past four years now and, prior to that, I was a clerk in the prison's law library. I've always worked for the prison industry authority, among other assignments over the years.

By the way, don't mistake me smiling in a photo or tow on this site for the popular misconception that it's all fun and games in here! It most certainly is not! Don't forget that the crime that I committed had a victim—I should say victims' family members, loved ones, and friends... My heart goes out to all of them for the pain I have caused. Never for one second think that I like it here because of a smile (I don't). There's an old prison saying: "Smile now, cry later." Convicts get two faces tattooed on them somewhere, one smiling and one crying...

I make no apologies for smiling though. My sincerest wish is what I share on my blog has lasting healing benefits towards an ever-expanding awareness, prison reform, education, and rehabilitation over mass incarceration.

[two colored photos of the author smiling. One photo has him dressed in a suit and necktie. The second one has him with cricked eyebrows and looking over his shoulder. Looks like he's at a beach.]

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