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[pencil drawing of rattles]
Raul Mendoza
C-35193 C4-120
P.O. Box 4610
Lancaster, CA 93539-4610

My name is Raúl, and I'm looking for a caring, independent woman who I can correspond with about my thoughts and feelings.

I love to read and receive mail, but this is a hard and lonely place. I would like to have a good friend to correspond with.

Name: Raul Mendoza
Inmate I.D.: #C-35193
Gender: Male
Race: Mexican
DOB: 10/31/64
In search of: Friends, pen-pals

[Colored photo cut-out of Raúl. He is standing straight in front of a white wall in prison garb. He has a neutral expression on his face.]
[Pencil drawing of a sombrero, a gun, a knife, and a lantern. MEXICO is written like a placard next to it. A howling wolf is silhouetted in front of a full moon.]

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