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[colored photo of Eddie sitting in a chair at a photo booth. A young girl sits on his knee with a curious half smile.]

My Invitation to Friendship

The photograph shown of me and my daughter was taken prior to my incarceration. I'm looking for mature correspondence to form a friendship, business partnership with own computer with Internet access for various adventures. I have a wide variety of interests, such as TV, script, and song writing, gospel, rap, R&B, and country, some poetry, etc.

I'm also a creationist looking to bring my ideas to market while also seeking a legal/runner to aid in getting my case into the appeals court. My predicament is farthest from who I really am. I'm open-minded, intelligent, honest, respectful, and loyal. I leave with a bit of the gospel song written by me about my life.

Peace of Mind
I got trapped in tha game
Now, I'm on lock for life
On my knees in this six by twelve by night
Trying to bring about change
In this confused and messed up life
And every day it's a constant struggle
And when the dust settles
You find those that truly loves