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My name is Luis Alarcon, aka Dubb MC throughout the underground hip-hop nation.

I have been writing my own lyrics since the age of 14. I am thirty-six years old. And for those who read my blog Dubb 'Em Up, I would like to hear your constructive criticism. I am always looking for ways to improve the quality of my rhyming skills. It's a great hobby of mine to always come up with some better lyrics than the last. My goal is to start my own recording company once I'm out of prison.

This is what I always say:
"To all them losers in the pen, stay gangsta up!
And all them hustlers sipping gin, now that's what's up!
For all them talented up and coming, won't you come up!
Damn all you suckas that be hating, man, you need to stop!

Right now, I don't have a picture of me for my blog profile, but I will soon. But if you have any questions about me, let me know. Better yet, about my music. I'll be putting up new rhymes and poetry at least twice a month. I'm looking to sell a few of my lyrics. Will work with yours if needed, just ask.

Check out my style and let me know if the lry gets wild!

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