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Free Tracy Greer: I Tell No Lies

I want to build new friendships with people who are mature, sincere, and open-minded. People who can see past the confinement and know that happiness and fulfillment can be found in the most unlikely places and circumstances. People who have goals, convictions whom possess an entrepreneur spirit.

I'm interested in business, politics, spirituality and companionship. I'm wrongfully convicted, innocent of said crime. I'm educated, Afrocentric and have a broad spectrum of knowledge. I'm moderately attractive, physically fit, positive and productive. I'm aiming for success, no matter the obstacles. I'm looking to bridge the gap between these gulags and the streets with revolutionary and political activist comrades. I'm looking forward to both learning and training for meaningful and intelligent dialogue. Please reach out.

Uhuru sas!
Gaidi upende!
Damu katika, damu ngoja!

From behind enemy lines,
Comrade Tracy Uhuru Greer

Contact info:
Tracy Uhuru Greer #11533
South Central Correctional Center
255 W. Hwy. 32
Licking, MO 45342

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