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Incarcerated and Lonely!
Check me out!

Single black male, 39, seeking friendship that could possibly lead to romance or something promising.

I never thought I'd experience being lonely. Who wouldn't, trapped in a 6'x9' cell 20-something hours a day. But hopefully with your correspondence, it would be a blessing to feel wanted again. I feel honesty is the first important step to a friendship. Without that, everything becomes a failure.

I have a very delicate heart for a woman's feelings, wants, and needs. I love life. I'm easygoing and humorous. I love sports. Don't really drink, don't do drugs, don't smoke cigarettes. I have no kids. Never been married. I'm the only child. I don't play games. Open to any race. I love older women, like 35-55, but any age is open as long as they're 18 and over. I feel I have a lot to offer. Hopefully, you can take this chance and see where it leads you. There's a lot more to know about me. I'm sure I would excite you in such a way.

Take care.

Hopefully your friend,
Craig Lathon

Craig Lathon #243901
P.O. Box 9900
Boscobel, WI 53805

[Two photos of Craig. In one he is sitting on the edge of a table with his hands modestly joined at his lap. Thee other has him wearing glasses and kneeling before a painted mural. In both photos, he has a neutral facial expression.]

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