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Joseph L. Fritz #688064
2101 F.M. 369 N.
Iowa Park, Texas 76367

Age: 38 (12/28/72)
Ht. & Wt.: 6'4", 230 lbs.
Hair/Eyes: Brown/brown
Religion: Pagan
Date of Incarceration: July 27th, 1993

*Interests/hobbies: I like to read, mainly fantasy novels when reading fiction, though I read a bunch of self-help, reference books, and materials as well. I like music (metal, old-school rap, some pop and country), art, and D&D, which I play as often as possible to help fill the hours. My real passion is writing, and I have taken several creative language and writing courses to help polish my writing style. I'm currently on a mission to get some short stories published in magazines. I mainly write fantasy, sci-fi, and erotica. You'll see some of the former in my blog that follows, but erotica is off-limits. So anyone wanting to see any of that will need to contact me.

*Education: GED. Several courses on creative language and writing related materials. I am well-read on a variety of subjects, and conversant on a variety of subjects. I never stop trying to learn new things.

*About me: You'll learn quite a lot about me if you read my blog, but here are the essential details.

I was born in Northern California, though I don't remember living there. My mother left my father when I was three, moving me and my sister to Ohio to live with relatives from her side of the family. I grew up in the country of Ohio, which, as I look back, seemed ideal. However, as I was starting 7th grade in 1985, my mom and who was to become my step-dad moved me and my sister to Florida. I was already getting in trouble and, following an especially bad time, I was put out of the house. At which point I REALLY started acting up, with the result of being put on a plane straight out of juvenile detention to come here to Texas, to live with my dad.

Things got worse as I stayed out in the street all the time. Soon, I was running with a gang of my closest "friends." One thing led to another, and I got into some really bad trouble and spent the last 18 years of my life in prison.

I like to hear from people and have no problem answering questions. I like to write as much as I like receiving letters. You can write to me at the above address or use using my name and number.

All the best,

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