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Dear reader,
Hello. My name is Douglas Blaine Matthews. I was born in Harrisburg, Pennsylvania on August 26th, 1981. But I was raised first on Ft. Bragg Army Base. Then my family moved to Winston-Salem, North Carolina around the time I started grade school. That's where I grew up the remainder of my teenage years and into adulthood. Now I live in Raiford, FL and on death row.

I am 6'3", 200 pounds, mixed (black and white) with dark brown eyes and hair.

Before I landed here, my interests were sports and traveling. I lived a wild and spontaneous lifestyle that involved money, drugs, danger, and a whole lot of trouble. I'll get into that in my blog. But for now, I spend my days reading, writing poetry, letters, and emails, listening to music, studying, working on my physical health, and daydreaming.

I am currently fighting my case with the hope that I'll one day be free to enjoy all the amazing and simple things that life still has to offer. Things I didn't value enough when I lived as if the world was mine.

I hope you will enjoy reading my blog and getting to know the person I was, why I was that person, and what I've gone through to become the individual I am today. As well as my opinion on events taking place in our country and in the world.

I look forward to reading and responding to your comments and opinions.

Douglas Blaine Matthews #V29877
Union Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 1000
Raiford, Florida 32083 USA

Colored photocopy photo of the author.
He has close cropped hair and a warm closed-mouth smile at the camera.

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