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[photo of Johnny standing in front of a blue car. Caption: SCCA RALLYCROSS]

The Novelist Portent
by Johnny E. Mahaffey

Born: October 1978, Texas
Reared: Newport and Grassyfork, TN
Salem, SC
Seneca, SC
Clemson, SC
5'11", 155 lbs
Brown hair
Blue eyes

5 children
High school diploma, some college (business management, creative writing)

Currently incarcerated. Awaiting new trial. SCDC prisoner ID #323863

I love to build and race cars, mountain bike, hike, camp, boat, fly small planes. I prefer a mountain lake to the ocean. I have no vices such as drugs, tobacco, alcohol, or anything like that. Never had an STD. This is my first time in prison. I've made arrangements to open a pizzeria upon my release. I've always been a natural restauranter and enjoy it. But not as much as being a father. I hope to marry again someday.

[colored collage of his children. Caption: I LOVE MY KIDS... The Mahaffey Offspring]

Johnny Mahaffey
4460 Broad River Rd.
Columbia, SC 29210

Subject to change; see the South Carolina Department of Corrections (SCDC) site.

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