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[Looking for a fresh start]

Hello, my name is Danny Garrett, but you can call me "Lefty". I'm an African American, 33 years old, and I'm looking to correspond with people from all over the world—no matter what your race, age (adults please), religion, etc.

However, I'm a single man looking for a female companion to coming home in the next year or two, so it's essential for me to find that woman who can be my queen! I'm incarcerated at this current time so my main goal is securing my freedom, but I do have other goals I would like to accomplish once I'm out. Please, if you're interested in getting to know me as a person, write to:

Danny J. Garrett #278310
100 Corrections Dr.
Stanley, WI 54768

[photo of a man sitting on a chair. He is has his hands folded over his lap and is facing the camera with a neutral expression.]

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