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Greetings and Good Health!

I am La Ron;

I am an artist, much of my artwork I donate to prison reform groups for their purposes. A sampling of my art can be found at I have long since rehabilitated myself but the wardens don't seem to appreciate it because its imcompatible with the system's aims....Isolation in a supermax prison limits my access to only black ink pens. Still I have learned to do portraits and to draw whatever else I can see well enough.

I consider myself to be conscious; years in these dismal crypts have not stifled but opened the windows of my heart, and broadened my interests - to care, to reach out and to share knowledge and experiences. I welcome friends of every nation - globally. Some of my favourite things are a soul sweetened by inner beauty and kindness; jazz music, chess, boxing, tennis and tai chi. I hold deep interests in history as well as national and global politics/news. Although not so simply quantified, my philosophical outlook is theosophical. Instead of wasting away, I feel my time is best put to giving back to others, I value people: a friend, hopefully a kindred soul, and a worthy correspondent.

All desiring a more private correspondence with me are welcome to write me at : La Ron McKinley Bey42642, WSPF_P.O.Box 9900, Bescobel, WI 53805, USA

Peace & Love LaRon McKinley Bey

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