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Perrie Thompson #F96451
P.O. Box 911
Centinela State Prison
Imperial, CA 92251

D.O.B: July 16, 1987 (Cancer)
Hometown: Los Angeles, CA
Wish: world peace
Incarcerated since: 2005

I will like to start by thanking Between the Bars for this unique opportunity! Hello, world! :P I pray life is treating each and every one of you fantastically. I am exhilarated to be before you all. I look forward to sharing myself with you. I hope I inspire someone to do something extraordinary with their life!

My life changed at 17 years old when I was arrested and later convicted of 1st degree murder, a crime I did not commit! I am currently appealing my conviction. If my appeal efforts are unsuccessful, I must serve 25 years before I am eligible for parole.

Incarceration has tested my strength in every way, so many challenging days. But thanks to our great Lord and my family, I have maintained my happiness! My family is thriving, God woke me this morning, and now I am happy to share myself with the world! >:P

I am a dedicated vegetarian and a proud animal lover! Compassion is my proudest attribute. I am a very kind-hearted person who cares for everyone, even those who don't share my views. I get along with most people. My zodiac sign fits me perfectly: I'm non-judgmental, sincere, loyal, and an authentic gentleman. You will see these characteristics in my posts.

I'm looking to meet anyone who desires a genuine friends. I would really love to meet women. Race, age, or religion are minute to me. I believe we are all equal! So I encourage letters from everyone!

So don't be shy, pick up your pen! :P

God bless you.

Stay Prayed Up!

Perrie Thompson

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