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[colored photo of a man standing against a wall and grasping one of his wrists over his torso. He has a white beard and mustache, and is somewhat smiling.]

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Hi, my name is Raymond D. Cooke. I currently reside at the Old Colony Correctional Center (One Administration Road, Bridgewater, MA, 02324).

Current events that now affect all of us that take the time to care and relate to the human condition, such as it is in today's world around us.

This would include prison reform—no, not just because I'm currently incarcerated, but because of the exploitation and abuse suffered at the hands of the criminal justice system and those empowered to oversee and run it.

And, yes, of course, as a man, I'm totally into sports. It's a GUY THING. Being a lifelong resident of the Metro Boston area (born and raised on Beacon Hill, Boston), who growing up with the great spots teams of our area wouldn't be, male or female?

I am currently 55 years old and would like to believe that I'm an open-minded and completely honest guy. I've tried it the other way and failed miserably, as my return address proves. I have a great sense of humor and love to laugh. Life is too short to be totally taken up in worry and/or despair.

With that said, I've come to believe one day, through my unrelenting efforts, I will prove my innocence. I've focused all my time studying the laws of the Commonwealth and working for and through a number of outside agencies in order to help not only myself, but those in these facilities less fortunate than myself.

I have no friends or family and would greatly appreciate any and all responses to my blog. These places are dark and lonely most of the time, and my having this site has enabled me to get the word out from behind the wall. Hoping to hear from you soon. You can always reach me through the above address or through this blog.

Ray Cooke, No. W88794

P.S. Have a terrific day.

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