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[photo of a man leaning against a white wall. His hands are in his pockets and one of his legs is bent so that his foot is against the wall.]

Name: Derrick A. Sanders
Age: 39 years young
Hobbies: writing/reading poetry, reading classical literature, chess, sudoku, learning Arabic
Address: P.O. 3310, Oshkosh, WI, 54903-3310
Interests: to meet and converse with people from all walks of life and learn as much as I can. Help at-risk juveniles. Give more than I receive.

Few of us can recognize the beauty in the caterpillar, for all we see is the worm-like insect before us. Few of us have the foresight to imagine what it will become: a beautiful butterfly with wings of bright colors, a marvel that will fill the world with beauty and grace. Few of us can see the butterfly within us or within others. We only see the caterpillar.

Hello, world. My name is Derrick Sanders, and I am currently incarcerated in the state of Wisconsin. Although my current situation is not ideal, I cannot deny that it has made me a stronger person. I refuse to allow a mistake that I made over twenty years ago to dictate my future.

I am a very intelligent man who is loving and outgoing. I have a great personality, and I enjoy laughing and making others laugh. My greatest asset is my ability to get along with others as well as my giving nature.

Although I am incarcerated, I am still pursuing my dreams. I am currently enrolled in college, and I work with at-risk juveniles as well as mentor others. I also work with a Victim's Impact group to help reduce victimization.

If you would like to learn more about my transformation, see my blog posts or contact me at the above address. I would love to share myself with you and learn about you as well.


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