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What's up?

My name is Joshua Charles Whitaker. I'm currently in Shirley, MA, 01464, (SBCC) PO BOX 800; my ID# is W90727. LOL

I know that the profile page is supposed to be crafted on "a single, beautiful page." Under the current situation I've found myself in, this is about as fancy as it will get for the time being.

Other than my MySpace, I'm kinda outta sync with the whole blog system. BTW my MySpace has been gone since '06. I'm game to really talk about anything. I love reading, writing, sports, and music. I graduated from Minnechaug Regional High School in 2004. I love the outdoors (camping, fishing, sightseeing). I'm a pet lover (mainly cats).

I believe that a mind is a terrible thing to waste. I also believe that prison is a state of mind. I'm definitely (as you can see) not a perfect person. I've done a whole bunch of crap that I'm far from proud of. One thing about me that won't change is the fact that I'm loyal. If you're my friend and if that's what I consider you, then I have your best interests in mind, even if you're wrong. I'm not one of those fair weather friends.

To all: I hope to hear from you!

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