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Eugene Weems

Do dreams really come true? Shall we explore this possibility together?

I hope today I will be the reason for your smile and, hopefully by the time you finish reading this, I wouldn't be looked at as a complete stranger but more as a potential friend.

My name is Eugene Weems. Originally from Las Vegas but presently preside in California. I am an author of two books: United We Stand and Prison Secrets. I am a man of many talents and aspirations. I'm down to earth, business minded, ambitious, sincere, friendly, and a fun person to be around. I love to smile, but lately haven't had much to smile about. Maybe you can help me change that.

I don't have any kids, I do not smoke, drink, or use drugs. I guess you can consider me an L-7 (square) in that area, but I'm cool with that. As a professional kick boxer by trade and an entrepreneur at heart, I am a firm believer that the most interesting lives are built with a plan and carried out with discipline. And that the only limitations we have in life are those we establish in our own mind and acknowledge.

My heart is big and easy. I'm looking for someone who's loyal, understanding, caring, ambitious, supportive, comforting, loves to laugh, and enjoy the finer things in life. As these are some of my interests as well.

I'm attracted to positivity and distance from drama, which promotes the growth and development of a deep and meaningful friendship. I'm motivated to travel the journeys that pen, paper, and conversation may take me.

Any and all subjects are open. The only strings are the ones we both agree on. I'm not concerned with race or physical descriptions because I search for true beauty that's beyond eye's view, that can only be found within.

So may I invite you into my world to show you that true friendship is possible, and trust, love, and loyalty can be a beautiful thing when it's built on a solid foundation.

Have you ever trusted and loved someone to the point that loyalty is not a question? Isn't that a wonderful feeling?

Some of life's best surprises comes from places least expected. Pearls from oysters, diamonds from coal. Who knows what could come of this?

I look forward to the time we'll spend conversing on many levels, I'm sure. I await the next opportunity to given the pleasure of—

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