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[Colored photo of a snowy mountain range.]
Mt. Hood—the Cascade Range, Oregon

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Welcome to my blogsite, Trax

Hello, my name is Mike. I am currently serving a life sentence for an offense I did not commit. I was falsely accused and wrongfully convicted. I will not, however, be using this blogsite as a platform to shout my innocence or plead my case .I will mostly be writing non-fiction short stories about my cross country travels and outdoor adventures. Writing about these experiences I had, I hope, will be cathartic for me, and enjoyable and informative to my friends and family. Perhaps others as well.

I have criss-crossed the country by car, Greyhound bus, semi-tractor trailer truck, airplane, and boat—but mostly by my thumb. Hitching rides. I have hiked and backpacked hundreds of miles. I have visited many historical places, and state and national parks. Much of my backpacking was in very remote and isolated back country wilderness. Sometimes, carrying up to 70+ pounds of provisions and gear, I would not encounter anyone for many days. Solo long-distance backpacking.

Also, during my travels, I had the great opportunity to kayak, canoe, and raft in whitewater, go hot air ballooning, caving and canyoneering, and mountaineering. One of the mountains I climbed is pictured here, Mt. Hood in northern Oregon.

I hope you will enjoy reading about my trekking and outdoor adventures. My first blog post will follow shortly.

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