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[Pen drawing of a fancy prison cell door with a swirly-gig graphic with a clock, skulls, and an eye.]
Welcome to my world
Time Stands Still

I'd like to welcome everybody to my blog.

My name is David Hollingsworth. I'm in the Arkansas Dept. of Corrections. What a long strange trip it's been. I'm 30 years old, and my adult life has been spent mainly behind bars. I'm in prison for burglary. I'm up for parole in July. Although it is not gauranteed.

I've been in prison in two other states. Not bragging.

In prison here, I work every day in the field. That's pretty laborious.

In my free time, I read chess books and play chess. My favorite opening is the Spanish. Anybody wishing to play a correspondence chess match? My first three moves are E4, NF3, BB5 (Spanish). I welcome the challenge.

If you would like to correspond to me through written letters, my full address is:
David Hollingsworth 144295
10 Prison Circle
Calico Rock, AR 72519

I love to talk about anything, especially chess. If you want to send ideas or comment, feel free to reply. I will respond to every letter and comment. Thank you.

David Hollingsworth

P.S. I will draw anyone who wishes a picture if you tell me what you want. I will mail it to you if you include your address.

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