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Hello fellow bloggers,

My name is James Collins. I was born in Riverhead, New York. In the seventies, my family had to move to Sacramento, California due to my father's military obligations—which is where I now reside.

I am the youngest sibling of five, and I'm the only one that has no children or spouse. After graduating high school, I started getting mixed up with negative influences which assisted in breaking the law. I was in and out of prison—a life with no positive direction. It seemed my destiny would be to spend every waking hour in prison, and eventually my family gave up on me too. I'm almost 50 years old (10-27-61) and after 21 years in prison, I'm tired and lonely at times. I'm not the best looking white guy—for sure. I'm 5'6" and I weigh 163. Yeah! I'm turning into a human pear.

I write poetry and short stories. At some point, I will be posting things I've written. I do not write for money, although I have received payment for some of my manuscripts.

I'm not looking for a relationship with anyone as I do not believe it would be fair for either of us not to be able to spend quality time that is required in maintaining stability.

I like animals. My favorite ones are sparrows. I like the color forest green, dark and rick—like moss covering old fallen trees. What better shows love and understanding than treasures hidden within nature. One word describes the author (excellent). I welcome all paths of ideas that encourage us to live in harmony. In the end, all the bits and pieces come together to form a welcome appreciation of life. These are for you, so enjoy.

Welcome to my blog.

I guess you have a life sentence then. Wow, strange how so mny of us can steer in the wrong direction as teenager/young adults and some seem to pull themselves out of the messy bog while others stay just one day too late, untl its too late. The judge slams you and theres no going back! I went to jail at 19 and was running with drugs, bad influences, a good 7 years also. I got out right before I turned 21 - went straight, went to college and have never returned since...well except for work to visit clients/inmates and 12-step service work. I'm sorry you didn't get out of prison life while you still had a chance at a life of freedom...... now you can only make the best of being there, and allow your mind/spirit to be free as much as possible through your writing and talks with God. Keep writing, theres depth in it and its meaningful!


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