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Hello! My name is K. Friedman. A dark angle in the high deserts of Nevada (from Las Vegas). Educated, highly intelligent, former non-attorney legal professional and an investigator (Vegas). Single, friendly.

Imprisoned and actually innocent on a drummed-up felony threat case. A victim of police and prosecutorial misconduct and abuses (some already appearing in a recently published civil rights cases out of the 9th circuit). Fighting for justice. 4-Real.

Active civil rights litigant (in and out of incarceration). Fight on many levels for the rights of the accused, oppressed, poor, convicted felons, consumers, citizenry of all strata suffering abuses of the powerful, corrupt, abusive government officials or private entities.

Spiritual, Kabbolist, physical fitness, and healthy food enthusiast. Enjoys good looks, looking good, and quality of life even under any conditions.

Open-minded, attractive, intelligent young women, beware: I am very susceptible. Open to communication, friendships, assistance to and from all who are genuine and like-minded (or if you wish to debate, I'm game).

To write me personally (or if letters to the prison get rejected), my business address is:

K. Friedman
Suit 8, Box #241
2375 E. Tropicana Avenue
Las Vegas, NV 89119

Or in prison;

K. Friedman #80952
1200 Prison Road
Lovelock, NV 89419

But no tape, no address labels, or decorative "stickers" on letters or envelopes. All photos to me must have my name and ID# written on backs of photos.

"Let me have victory, but if I cannot win, let me die bravely."
—Author unknown

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