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I'm an African American queen looking forward to finding my king. He don't have to be tall; he can be short. But friendship first because that's where it starts. I want someone like myself who knows what he wants in life. Supportive, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally.

Someone with an easy touch. A friend I can call my own. My reprimander, not accuser nor blammer. Someone who is exciting to be with and not dull. Someone who is open-minded, willing to explore, and experience anything and new things, who is not afraid to show emotions. One who is spontaneous and knows how to please a lady of my caliber. I'd tell you about myself like all other cats, but you would probably not be intrigued...

If you like what you've read so far, please feel free to write.

Hopefully yours,
Miss Contagious!

[photo of two people outside in a desert like landscape. It's sunset. One person is a man standing with his arms crossed. The other is a woman whose body is facing the east and bending over a bit while placing her hands on her knees. She is looking towards the camera with a smile.]

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