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  • "But I'm just a man - please bear with me, and over look my many many faults and get to know me and understand me the best you can." Ronald, thank you for this posting, and this, I can do for you if you will for me. I deeply appreciate ...
    on From The Belly Of Beast by Ronald W. Clark, Jr Jan. 20, 2012
  • I think it's an interview. It's tough to make out because you don't find out until the end where it reads "Questions by Piankho" and "Response by Sniper xzyzst".
    on @ Golgotha Disrespect by Floyd Smith Sept. 13, 2012
  • Be sure to check out Daniel's previous companion post on the subject, "True Prison Reform: Change Begins With Us":
    on A Mindful Approach to Prison Reform by Daniel Labbe July 31, 2013
  • Be sure to check out Daniel's latest follow up on the subject, "A Mindful Approach to Prison Reform":
    on True Prison Reform Change Begins With Us by Daniel Labbe July 31, 2013