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Hello my name is Donny, I am writing this blog in the hopes of reminding some of you that even though we are prisoners we are still human beings. I am going to tell you a little about myself and hopefully we can share a little something, understanding, hope or maybe just a part of life. If nothing else it will help me pass some time.

I am a bi-sexual white male - 6'5" and I weigh 215 lbs. I am in pretty good shape, since 2008 I have been working hard to get the body I always wanted. I have 19" biceps, a 48" chest and 34" waist. I am roughly 50% Native American so I have very little body hair and a pretty good tan. I have brown eyes and hair. I guess I'm a pretty good looking guy at least I have never lacked sexual partners. I love to read and I also write poetry/stories and I am even trying my hand at lyrics. I love music, hart rock/metal/alternative and punk. I love the outdoors, hiking/fishing/camping. I love animals and nature in its entirity. I guess I'm a bit of a tree hugger. I like to go out, clubs/concerts/movies/parties. I can't dance worth a crap but I sure do love to watch others do it. I'm trying to find my spiritual center or God, so if any of you have his address please forward it to me. In the last few years I have been studying Christianity/Buddhism/Druidism/Wicca and Native American Shamanism, yeah I know that's a lot of isms I have also spent the last few years of studying civil law, one good thing about being locked up is I've a lot of time to improve myself. I'm a pretty down to earth dude, sort of a headbanging/hippy/nympho. I'm a very honest person, I think you should only lie to cops/judges or if it could save someone from serious pain, so if you write me feel free to ask me anything. Even though I sincerely wish we could all live in peace, I will get physical to defend those I care about. I'm looking for friends and I will answer to all letters. Write me at the following address. I would like this to be my profile page and my blog name.


Donny Welch # 1375713
Telford Unit
3899 State Hwy, 98
New Boston, TX. 75570

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