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[colored photo of a smiling man wearing glasses. He has a gray bushy beard.]

Have you ever been looking in all the wrong places for love, romance, or friendship? Don't be deceived by looks. It's what's inside the heart and soul that counts.

This lonely prisoner seeks friendship and possibly a caring, loving relationship. I am imprisoned here for a non-violent crime (P.C. 115). With the new federal court ruling for releasing non-violent offenders, I could get released soon. I seek friends of any race, any age.

Write to:

Joseph A. Roberge T-74149
M.C.S.P. C-11-222-L
P.O. Box 409060
Ione, California 95640

Roses are red,
Violets are blue,
Sugar is sweet,
But not as sweet,
As you!

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