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Patrick Rathsack
Age: 44
Height: 5 feet 10 inches
Weight: 150 pounds
Race: White
Marital status: single, never married
Education: some college and vocational training
Also known as: Patrick Schwede

I am currently serving a sentence of 25 years of life in the California prison system. I have been locked up for 11 years so far. I enjoy writing and look forward to having this outlet to express myself. I would like to welcome you to respond to what I post. If you desire to write me to previously my address will be included in my blog posts.

My life has been quite a journey. It has given me much about which I can write. There is no way for me to describe the life I have led in a few short words. I intend to disclose much about myself about the letters, poems, essays, and short stories that I write. It is my hope that these blogs will both entertain and encourage you.

[Photo of author giving a half smile. He is standing in front of a folded North American flag.]

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