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Welcome to the blog of a lost soul whose tears have been forgotten. Coming to you from a world within your world, a different level of experience, where my society is of the condemned. This plain of existence is a place which time itself is the keeper for all!

A life of perplexity where the truth of our being is hard to realize due to these concrete walls surrounding us. As we lower our heads and give moments of silence for brothers and sisters now entering their live-in graves!

All of us here once carried names in your world which were remembered in your neighborhoods, towns, and cities; but are now merely whispers of the wind, of syllables which sound familiar!

As for myself, I'm just a simple man whose traveled open roads, not paved of material such as rock, clay, and water. I've journeyed the narrow passages between emotions, battling myself, my mental image, and the actions of my being; toiling the passionate balance of love and hate, all while trying to draw strength through the weakness of my life!

I hope you enjoy my blog; this place is where even though thoughts are unable to be colored, I will lay them out clear enough for you all to vividly see. And you may not be able to touch my emotions, but as you read them, they may be able to reach out and touch you!

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