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Hello, my name is William E. Ford, Sr.
I am a 48 yr old w/m serving a life sentence in the South Carolina Dept. of Corrections. True, I have been serving this term for murder, and other crimes. I only ask that SHOULD YOU DECIDE [highlighted by the Author] to write as a pen-pal, that you TRUST ME [highlighted by the Author] to be honest! The internet, and media releases about my case ARE NOT 100% ACCURATE [highlighted twice by the Author], and I have court papers to verify this statement, if you like. I have served nearly 12 years so far. I am a divorced father who is encouraging his children to do right, though some are grown, doing as they please. I'd like FRIENDS [highlighted by the Author] to write, maybe to call (calls are roughly 2.00 each with taxes), maybe in time to have visit. I'm fairly well educated, and like crime shows, music shows (X-factor, Idol, etc.). I love pictures (sorry none of me available at this time). I am just a country-boy at heart from the N.C. Mountains. IF YOU WISH TO [highlighted by the Author] leave a reply here. You may, or you CAN WRITE ME [highlighted by the Author] directly at:

William E. Ford, Sr.
4460 Broad River RD
S.C. 29210-4012

Ask your?'s I SHALL [highlighted by the Author] answer HONESTLY [highlighted by the Author].
Looking forward to hearing from you.

Request that you'd be 21 OR OVER PLEASE! [highlighted by the Author]