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  • This is very beautiful, I also write poetry if you need a pen pal or someone to share your work with my name is Corina Helg Hutchinson i'm from Springfield,LA you can write me at you have a beautiful talent keep up the good work!
    on Love & Life by Joseph Thibodeaux March 27, 2012
  • Joe, Hi this is Corina, I've been thinking and yes i do want to write you but i also want to ask you a couple things first. First Do you even remember me? I knew you personally when i was 15 and you WERE a big part of my life ...
    on Poodle by Joseph Thibodeaux April 17, 2013
  • Joe, I didn't live in Springfield when you met me my mom did and i lived in Millegardens Subdivision in Ponchatoula by the tracks with my sister and her boyfriend. I met you threw a friend named Bobby Whitecloud and his cousin Dawn Burke. BTW i didnt tell you because ...
    on Corina by Joseph Thibodeaux May 20, 2013
  • now that i KNOW you remember me yes i will write you. and send you some pics. Thanks for remembering i was waiting on you to tell me a memory on your own. Thanks talk to you soon.
    on Corina by Joseph Thibodeaux July 21, 2013
  • Its not that i don't care i just haven't found the time to write I've been really sick, also to figure out what i want to write and hope to not make you upset because yes i am angry at you but also at myself.
    on Mail Call by Joseph Thibodeaux Sept. 27, 2013
  • You did have love it was from me and as you recall you left me while i was pregnant oh yea sorry i lied about not being pregnant i really was, then you left me for a fat girl named Katrina and ran off with her to another state! like ...
    on Lost Inside by Joseph Thibodeaux Sept. 27, 2013